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About Raven Recycling Society


In 1989, the Raven Recycling Society was created by a group of volunteers who wanted to see recycling happen in the Yukon. Thanks to those volunteers, Raven has been able to offer full recycling services to the Territory for over 25 years!



Raven Recycling Society is a social enterprise. 

This means we operate much like a business, but put all profits back into the community through education and other social and environmental initiatives.

- We are separate from all levels of government, providing about 20 well-paid, non-government jobs. 

- We do not receive core government funding, and are run by a volunteer board of directors.

- We direct all profits into education and waste reduction efforts in the Yukon.


Raven is...

A Refund Depot:

- giving refunds on all ready-to-drink beverage containers sold in the Yukon.

A Recycling Centre:

- accepting and processing over 30 different household commodities for recycling.

- purchasing non-ferrous scrap metals.

- accepting e-waste and white goods for recycling.

*click here for What We Recycle*

A Community Service Provider:

- educating Yukoners and government about recycling and waste issues (see our Education page).

- providing recycling bins and containers for community events.

- offering pickup services for paper, cardboard and beverage containers from local businesses.

A Private Contractor:

- administering the Yukon government Recycling Club for Kids Program.

- providing waste audits and waste expertise to those who need it.


How does Raven do it?

Raven subsidizes Yukon recycling, saving you tax dollars.

It costs Raven about $300/tonne to handle, bale and ship most recyclables - we receive only $10-$200/tonne in return for 95% of those recyclables. We can afford to do this by using profits from our bottle depot business to make up for costs incurred with money losing materials. Recycling of refundable beverage containers is paid for by the Beverage Container regulation (BCR).

Raven also receives diversion credits from Yukon Government and the City of Whitehorse for diverting recylables from the landfill.

Throughout the years, Raven has established the viability of recycling, and continues to be a groundbreaker in accepting and processing new and different recyclable items. In 2017 we shipped out over 4000 metric tonnes of recyclables, making us one of the Territory's largest bulk exporters!




Raven Recycling needs you!

Bring your cans and bottles to us!

Because we use profits from our bottle depot to subsidize the processing and shipping of money losing recyclables (tin, paper, plastic etc.), the more beverage containers you bring to Raven, the more Raven can recycle. We accept donated beverage containers too!


Raven Recycling aims to make the Yukon a Zero Waste community!

Zero Waste means working together to RETHINK consumption patterns, REDUCE the amount of material that goes to the landfill, REUSE or REPAIR old items, and RECYCLE or COMPOST what remains.




Zero Waste is a goal which strives for the sustainable use of materials through thoughtful design, reduced consumption, and increased recovery of resources.

By designing products and processes to avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, and by conserving and recovering all resources, we can eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health.

Since 2014 Raven Recycling has spearheaded Zero Waste Yukon, a collaborative initiative to increase public awareness about waste reduction and provide tools and strategies for behaviour change. For more information, visit www.zerowasteyukon.ca