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Clothing and Textiles


Did you know that extending the life of your clothing lowers its environmental impact?

North Americans send over 10.5 million tonnes of clothing to the landfill each year, 95% of which could be recycled. 

"The race to buy now and buy more is not only exhausting the environment of important resources, it is leaving consumers feeling overwhelmed by overflowing closets and a lack of space in their homes." - 2018 State of Reuse Report

It's time to close the loop on the colossal issue of textile waste.


Reuse is always better than recycling

When you're looking to get rid of old clothing, shoes and accessories, first consider donating them. There are many local non-profit organizations as well as thrift and consignment stores that occasionally take donations of used clothing. Reusing clothes locally is the best possible option for the environment and it supports your local community.

Consider hosting a clothing swap with your friends to find ways to keep the flow of materials circular!


If you can't reuse your clothes locally, bring them to Raven!

Raven Recycling collects old clothing, belts, shoes and purses in our Clothing Bank Donation Bins in the depot.

Simply wash 'em, bag 'em, and drop 'em off!

You can drop off clothing during open hours, 9 am - 6 pm, Monday - Saturday. Please do not drop off items outside while we are closed. 

The clothing we collect in our donation bins is shipped out of territory for reuse and recycling. All the proceeds from this program go to supporting the programs of the Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society!

Since September of 2017, we've collected over $8000 for the WFCS from the recycling of old textiles.


Bill unloads donated clothes from the donation bins in the Raven depot.