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E-Waste/White goods

What to do with it?

Raven Recycling accepts all sorts of e-waste and white goods. Some of these items qualify for use in the Computers for Schools Program. Items collected are given to them for certified data destruction. They are then refurbished and given out to schools and non-profit organizations. Other items are accepted for recycling.


Most anything with a cord can be sent out for recycling but this costs Raven, so we must charge a tipping fee just as the landfill does.


Fees for E-waste and White Goods:

White Goods: Fridges, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Freezers (Refrigerant removed)  $12 per unit

White Goods: Fridges, Freezers and Air Conditioning Units  $35 per unit

Miscellaneous E-waste: Blenders, Toasters, Printers, Vacuum cleaners and audio devices  $7

Small Flatscreens: 29" or less TV's, computer monitors  $15

Microwave ovens:  $15

Large Flatscreens: 30" and above TV's and computer monitors  $30

Small CRT's: 29" or less TV's and computer monitors  $20

Large CRT's: 30" or more TV's and computer monitors  $40

Computer towers and laptops:  $15

Handheld items: Curling irons, computer mice, keyeboards, cell phones, cameras etc  $2 each


Prices are charged at the discretion of the attendant.


Bring these items to the back of Raven Recycling (Metals area) during open metals hours.


To request a computer from Computers For Schools please go here.