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E-Waste Collection Depot

As of October 1, 2018, Raven Recycling will be the designated e-waste collection depot for the Whitehorse Area.

This means you can drop off for free at Raven Recycling, any electronics or electrical items listed on the Designated Materials Regulation. 

Starting October 1st, amendments to the Designated Materials Regulation come into effect. At this time, electrical and electronic items will become banned waste at the Whitehorse Waste Management Facility.


What can I drop off?

The following items are listed on the new Designated Materials Regulation and will be accepted for free at Raven's E-Waste Collection Depot.

For a detailed list of acceptable items please see this list from Environment Yukon. Note that large appliances (white goods) are not included on this list and will still be subject to tipping fees.




  • Desktop computers

(computer towers, servers)

  • Portable computers

(laptops, notebooks, tablets)

  • Computer accessories

(keyboards, mice, modems, hard drives, routers, etc.)

  • Desktop printers/fax machines/copiers

(printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines)

  • Displays (all sizes, including all-in-one devices)

(televisions, monitors, electronic whiteboards)

  • Cellular devices and pagers

(cell phones, smart phones, pagers, etc.)

  • Non-cellular phones and answering machines

(VoIP phones, satellite phones, etc.)

  • Personal or portable image/audio/video systems

(mp3 players, CD players, radios, recorders, microphones, amplifiers, GPS devices, projectors, cameras, baby monitors, headphones, e-books, etc.)

  • Home audio/video systems

(stereos, speakers, dvd players, video gaming systems, satellite tv systems, security systems, amplifiers, VCRs)

  • Home theatre-in-a-box

(disc player, speaker, amplifier - for use with video television display to create home theatre experience)

  • Vehicle audio/video systems (aftermarket)

(vehicle stereos, GPS devices, remote starters, radar detectors, amplifiers, equalizers, audio video components)




  • Kitchen countertop appliances (motorized)

(blenders, mixers, food processors, juicers, coffee grinders, dehydrators, fondue fountains, vacuum sealers)

  • Kitchen countertop appliances (heating and cooking)

toasters, toaster ovens, fryers, hot plates, bread makers, induction cookers, pressure cookers, waffle irons)

  • Kitchen countertop appliances (hot beverages)

(coffee makers, kettles, espresso makers)

  • Microwaves

(countertop microwave ovens)

  • Time measurement devices

(alarm clocks, wall clocks, timers)

  • Weight measurement devices

(bathroom scales, food scales, luggage scales)

  • Garment care devices

(irons, steamers, etc.)

  • Air treatment appliances (not including air conditioners)

(portable fans, heaters, diffusers, humidifiers)

  • Personal care appliances

(tooth care appliances, shavers, hair cutting and drying appliances, hair straighteners)

  • Full-size floor cleaning devices

(floor vacuums, carpet cleaners, robotic vacuums)

  • Small floor cleaning devices

(handheld vacuums, stick vacuums)


For a detailed list of acceptable items please see this list from Environment Yukon. Note that large appliances (white goods) are not included on this list and will still be subject to tipping fees.

 Here is a copy of the schedule attached to the legislation.

The following items are not designated (no surcharges applied) and may be subject to tipping fees:


  • white goods (fridges, freezers, ranges, air conditioners, other large appliances)
  • electronic and electrical products weighing >200 kg, professionally installed, not readily and safely uninstalled, transported and/or recycled.
  • wired-in appliances
  • cables
  • floor standing printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines
  • ear-bud type headphones
  • scrolling programmable signs
  • built-in microwaves
  • paper shredders
  • laminators
  • water coolers
  • test and measurement tools (electric meters, stud finders, temperature gauges, digital tire gauges)
  • hand-held power tools 
  • sports, leisure, arts, crafts, and hobby items (fitness computers, etc.)
  • very small items (air fresheners, frothers, pocket scales, personal fans, lint removers, primary cell toothbrushes and razors)


For a detailed list of acceptable and non-designated items please see this list from Environment Yukon


Where do I take my e-waste?

Raven Recycling is located at 100 Galena Rd. in Whitehorse.

Entrance to our new E-Waste Collection Depot will be located to the left of our offices on Galena Road (current Raven Metals entrance).

As of October 1st, entrance to Raven Metals Recycling will now be located to the right of our public drop off on Industrial Road. 


White Goods

Raven Recycling still accepts white goods for a fee. Bring your fridges, freezers and other large appliances to the Metals Recycling entrance located on Industrial Road. 

The following tipping fees apply:

Appliances with refrigerant (Freon) - $35 per unit

Appliances without refrigerant (Freon) - $12 per unit 


For more information on white goods and metals recycling visit our Metals Recycling page


Why recycle e-waste and white goods?

E-waste and white goods (appliances) contain valuable material resources such as plastic and precious metals that can be reused!

These items also take up lots of valuable landfill space and can leak toxic chemicals into the environment. The cost of creating a new landfill and closing our current one far outweighs the cost of recycling these items. 


What happens to my e-waste?

E-waste is collected in cages and shipped by backhaul to Global Electric Electronic Recycling (GEEP) in Edmonton, AB.

Raven Recycling has had a close relationship with GEEP since 2009, and have visited their facility to ensure that our materials are being responsibly recycled. GEEP is registered with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority as an electronics processor.

Materials sent to GEEP are broken down into component parts. Plastics, metals, and glass are recycled or reused, as are valuable materials such as copper, computer chips and precious metals.