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 Parent Resources


Garbage free lunches start at home!

What is a garbage free lunch?

A lunch which contains no packaging or materials that can only be used once. For example, a granola bar that had a wrapper on it would be considered garbage, however, a home made bar in a reusable container or a banana with a compostable peel would be acceptable.





 Kids with waste free lunches

WasteFreeLunches.org has some great ideas and tips for parents on how and what to pack for a waste free lunch. Please click the link below to find out more.


Waste Free Lunches tips for Parents



Other communities that have Garbage free lunch programs and resources.



Waste Free Lunches Ontario



Recycle AlbertaKids with thumbs up


Links to other places from around North America can be found here:

Waste Free Lunches around North America

How To Reduce Plastic Waste

How Plastic Bags Pollute our Environment