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What is Papersave?

Raven Recycling has a commercial pickup service for “paper” and “corrugated cardboard”. Each commercial pickup service is technically controlled by a separate contract and with the exception of a few differences; the main service charges are exactly the same.

The Society will charge a flat fee of $7.00 per pick-up, plus $10.00 for each 5 minutes of service time. Additional service time will be charged in 5-minute increments. (for example: $17.00 will be charged for the first 5 minutes of service, and $10.00 will be charged for each additional 5 minutes of service.) As a client, you are invoiced every two months.

Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated Cardboard is any cardboard that has the wavy layer between the two exterior sheets. A variety of bins are available for rent or purchase. Please contact us to help determine what would best suit your situation.

With Cardboard pickups, the business client is responsible for:

  • Providing a convenient location to store the cardboard for collection (if a dumpster is not requested)
  • Keeping the cardboard dry.
  • Sorting out boxboard, newspaper and other contaminants.
  • Flattening the cardboard boxes.
  • Not allowing food waste or garbage to mix with the cardboard.
  • Following these guidelines assures the most efficient service and ultimately, less charges for time spent processing your load.

We do offer bins for purchase. They have two wheels on the bottom for manoeuvrability and a lid in case the bin is kept outside. The bins can also be rented. They rent out for $1.00 per month for each bin, invoiced every two months with the rest of the service charges.

The business client is responsible for:

  • Sorting paper into appropriate bins for white paper and mixed waste paper.
  • Providing a centralized paper collection station, preferably located near an outside entrance.
  • Placing shredded paper into clear plastic bags.
  • Bundling and tying small amounts of cardboard.
  • Not allowing garbage and other contaminants into the paper bins.
  • Following these guidelines assures the most efficient service and ultimately, less charges for time spent processing your load.


Why participate in Papersave?

Fiber products make up over 40% of the total waste that goes into the landfill. Raven offers a collection service to help stem the amount being buried in the landfill.

Throwing paper and cardboard into the landfill is expensive. Beyond our local landfill and the accompanying tax dollars spent there, the overall environmental cost of paper is high. Pulp and paper production creates some of the most toxic byproduct that any industry can produce.

Pulp and paper mills use a great deal of energy and consume enormous amounts of fresh water. In addition, the burial in landfills of half the trees we cut down after a single use is a waste of a precious natural resource.