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The administrator for the Yukon Recycling Club this year is Raven Recycling.

Online registration is now available.

Points Collection ends Saturday 18th November 2017.

Order Certificates by Wednesday 13th December 2017.

Certificates expire Saturday 13th January 2018.

The points club is for kids age 4 to 16. Schools, daycares and youth groups are eligible if the members are 4 to 16 years of age. Members must register each year and points cannot be carried over from year to year. Any points unused by the cutoff date are lost.

For full rules and tips, please click here

 Click here to register or Click here to redeem points

For SPORTEES prizes, see our stop press at the bottom of the page.


Due to a change in the Canada Games Centre admission fees effective 1st September 2017, the "child" 10 punch pass now covers everyone from 2 to 18. The youth pass can no longer be ordered through the club but if you're 13 to 16 you can still order the 10 punch pass for 11,000 points. THERE IS NOW JUST ONE CANADA GAMES CENTRE PASS WHICH COVERS EVERYONE IN THE RECYCLING CLUB.


Fleece Neck Tube       Value: $12.60   Points: 4,000

Fleece Headband        Value: $9.45    Points: 3,000

Fleece Mittens            Value: $15.75  Points: 5,000

Sparkle Magic Mittens Value: $26.75  Points: 8,500

Gift Certificate            Value: $20.00  Points 6,400