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  Recycilng dollar sign

Myth 1: Raven Recycling is Government/Municipally funded.

Answer: FALSE. Raven recycles without any core government or Municipal funding, Though we do apply for a diversion credit from the city every year along with other businesses, money is not guaranteed, and it is truly the profits from our bottle depot business that make up for recycling money losing materials.



variety of mixed plastic containers

Myth 2: Raven sends mixed plastics to the landfill because they are not worth anything.

Answer: FALSE. Raven collects, sorts, and processes ALL the plastics we receive. Everything is placed on a truck and sent south to various plastic recycling processors who turn the plastics into new products. This includes plastics with no numbers, film plastics such as shopping bags, and various hard plastics like lawn chairs and buckets.


Myth 3: Because we live so far north, recycling stuff and sending it by truck back down south isn’t saving energy or helping the air quality of our planet.
Trucking Myth Poster

Answer: FALSE. Creating as new product, such as plastic, from scratch uses 93% more energy than recycling it. That means we'd have to send our plastics from here to the moon and back again by truck before we'd be using more energy to recycle it. Bottom line...it is always better to recycle for the health of our planet.